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What if you could make sure your sheep were getting the right amount of supplemental feed or grain without monitoring volume throughout the day or week?

What if there was a way to get your herd proper nutrition with less feed waste and less stress (on you and your sheep!)?

A Universal Feeders sheep feeder is the perfect solution, and Lost Creek Wholesale is your exclusive U.S. distributor of these tried-and-true sheep feeders.
Designed by Australian farmers – the mutton capital of the world – Universal Feeders feature a unique saliva lick feeder system that ensures animals only eat what they need and when they need it. With a saliva lick feeder and optional ad-lib functionality, you’re getting a sheep feeder that works effortlessly, for better nutrition and better economics.

Sheep Feeders Built By Sheep Farmers

Universal Feeders has been designing and building feeders for small ruminants like sheep for nearly two decades.

As the exclusive U.S. distributor of these durable feeders, and as ruminant farmers ourselves, we recognize the unique needs of our sheep farming customers and are here to help you find the best sheep feeder for your herd.

Whether you’re just staring out or trying to optimize feeding your existing sheep herd, we’ve got the feeder for you. The benefits of a Universal Feeder for your sheep feeder are bountiful.

The Best Sheep Feeders From Australia - Now Available in the U.S.

A saliva lick feeder from Universal Feeders allows your sheep to only eat when they truly need it. It works by allowing access to grain or feed only when the sheep or lamb’s tongue is wet with saliva. As the sheep eats, saliva production falls and the tongue becomes dry. It no longer allows grain or feed to stick to the tongue, and the sheep eventually leaves the feeder. 

By relying on the natural satiating response as the sheep eats, your sheep eat the right amount for their nutritional needs without overeating and wasting feed.

With 24/7 food availability thanks to a saliva lick feeder, sheep face less “scarcity” stress associated with once- or twice-daily traditional feeding. Smaller sheep or lambs don’t have to worry that they’ll be bullied away by larger animals, and ultimately less stress means happier and healthier sheep.

Eating the right amount of grain or feed supplement without overeating is challenging in a large herd. A saliva lick feeder makes proper nutrition easy by relying on the sheep’s natural satiating mechanism. Sheep eat the right amount of supplemental grain and protein, and no more, leading to healthier rumens and more efficient grazing. Ewes that are fed small amounts of grain daily produce significantly more milk and a healthier lamb.

By eliminating the risk of overeating, your sheep ultimately consume less grain or feed even as they’re getting proper nutrition. Feed waste is reduced, and studies have shown that saliva lick feeders can meaningfully improve farm expenses.

With less feed waste, less time spent doing routine feedings, and improved nutrition, farmers can not only save money on inputs but can also increase outputs. Healthy, happy animals, particularly early in life, grow into larger and more profitable animals with time, leading to increased revenue and better margins.

Our Sheep Feeder Options


The Original Feeder

The Universal Feeders’ Original Feeder lets farmers control their livestock’s daily intake of grain or pellets. It’s easy to adjust and built to last, and this Australian sheep feeder can be used as a saliva lick feeder for precise nutritional needs or as an ad-lib feeder allowing animals to feed at any time.

See below for sizes.

Ultimate Series ratchet adjustment and calibration guides

The Ultimate Feeder

The newest Universal Feeders’ feeder, the Ultimate Feeder is faster and easier to adjust without tools, allows for lower and more accurate feed rates (for smaller animals like sheep and lambs), and reduces possible corrosion points compared to competing feeders. 

See below for sizes.


Sheep Feeder Accessories

Accessories to make your sheep feeder setup even better.

Feeder Restrictor Guard

The Restrictor Guard can be used to achieve lower feeding rates by restricting grain width without affecting the flow of feed. In some instances, it also stops some animals from bridging the grain over the lick area. The Restrictor Guards for the Ultimate Feeder have a swing-away design to make cleaning the feed area easier.

Ad-Lib Feeder Attachment

The Ad-Lib attachment allows feed to flow freely into the trough and is ideal for feedlots. It is designed to increase the trough height to minimize feed waste. The Ad-Lib Attachment has two height options to make it low enough for smaller lambs.

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