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Your goat herd is growing, and you’re looking for your next goat feeder! If you’re considering a new goat feeder or saliva lick feeder – or maybe you’ve never considered a lick feeder at all! – you’re in the right place.

We are America’s exclusive distributor of Universal Feeders, an Australian grain feeder manufacturer with deep experience serving sheep and goat farmers like you.

With a Universal Feeder, you can simplify work on the farm, reduce feed waste, and increase output in your farming operation, all while improving herd health.

A durable Universal Feeder from Lost Creek Wholesale can give you flexibility in providing supplemental feed to suckling young goats or any-time access for adult goats with just a few simple adjustments to the feeder based on your herd’s needs.

Saliva Lick Feeding or Ad-Lib Access With Our Goat Feeder


Our goat feeders offer unique features that make them the only choice for your grain-feeding needs.

The unique saliva lick feeding system used by Universal Feeders requires goats to use saliva to draw feed from the feed area.

As the goat’s tongue goes into an adjustable groove on the feeder, only the feed or grain that sticks to the tongue is drawn out and consumed. As the goat eats and becomes satiated, the amount of saliva on the tongue is reduced and feed no longer sticks to the tongue. Once the goat is no longer able to obtain more feed by licking, they leave the feeder, letting other goats have their turn.

This saliva lick system reduces wasted feed by preventing gorging or overfeeding and ensures that your entire herd has access to feed when they need it, 24/7.

Universal Feeders are highly adjustable and customizable, and the saliva lick system can even be converted to a standard any-time feeding system using the Ad-Lib Accessory or creep feeder with the addition of creep gates.

Benefits of a Goat Feeder From Universal Feeders

Universal Feeders goat feeders have been tried and tested by pioneers in the goat farming industry. This Australia-based feeder manufacturer was started by farmers who recognized a need for quality, durable feeders for ruminants (including goats) of all sizes. And, Australia is the largest mutton and goat exporter in the world! 

What better place to pioneer these unique goat feeders than Australia. When you buy a Universal Feeder, you get time-tested features and decades of industry excellence.

As you know, goats are prone to overeating, frequently exacerbated by “routine” feeding cycles where feed is only available twice or three times daily. Additionally, bully animals crowd out younger or smaller animals during routine feedings, meaning that feed and nutrition may not be distributed properly across the herd.

With a Universal Feeder saliva lick feeder, this issue is resolved entirely, allowing animals to eat only what they need before returning to pasture grazing. Because they can access food at any time, goats have less pressure to gorge themselves when feed is available.

With less pressure at mealtime to eat what they can, research has shown that ruminant herds with saliva lick feeders experience less stress at the same time that nutrition improves. The process enhances rumen development and maintenance, meaning better grazing and pasture use on your farm.

Take one more thing off your workload with a continuously available food source for your goats rather than timely feeding needs throughout the week. 

Research has shown that animals with a saliva lick feeder tend to grow more efficiently and to larger size through optimized rumen development and pasturing, meaning greater topline potential. Additionally, reduced feed waste saves substantial costs in goat-raising and makes for significantly better feed conversions.

Our Goat Feeder Options


The Original Feeder

The Universal Feeders’ Original Feeder lets farmers control their livestock’s daily intake of grain or pellets. Easy to adjust and built to last, this Australian goat feeder can be used as a saliva lick feeder for precise nutritional needs or as an ad-lib feeder allowing animals to feed at any time.

See below for sizes.


The Ultimate Feeder

The newest Universal Feeders’ feeder, the Ultimate Feeder is faster and easier to adjust without tools, allows for lower and more accurate feed rates (for smaller animals), and reduces possible corrosion points compared to competing feeders. 

See below for sizes.


Goat Feeder Accessories

Accessories to make your goat feeder easier than ever.

Feeder Restrictor Guard

The Restrictor Guard can be used to achieve lower feeding rates by restricting grain width without affecting the flow of feed. In some instances, it also stops some animals from bridging the grain over the lick area. The Restrictor Guards for the Ultimate Feeder have a swing-away design to make cleaning the feed area easier.

Ad-Lib Feeder Attachment

The Ad-Lib attachment allows feed to flow freely into the trough and is ideal for feedlots. It is designed to increase the trough height to minimize feed waste. The Ad-Lib Attachment has two height options to make it low enough for smaller kids.

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