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If you’re looking for cattle feeders that can accommodate every stage of life and improve your farm’s efficiency, look no further than a calf and cattle feeder from Lost Creek Wholesale.

We are the exclusive U.S. distributor of Universal Feeders, an Australian manufacturer of top-notch saliva lick feeders for ruminant animals that were designed and honed in this international leader among herd farming practices.

Our Universal Feeders employ a unique saliva lick feeder approach to support proper cattle nutrition, build larger and healthier animals, and ultimately improve economics and efficiency on your farm.

How A Saliva Lick Cattle Feeder Works

Universal Feeders’ saliva lick cattle feeders work by allowing cattle or calves to eat only small amounts at a time.

By relying on the cow’s natural biological saliva production processes, these cattle feeders waste less feed, help to grow and maintain a healthy rumen, and offer better grazing & pasturing potential for your cattle herd.

With a saliva lick feeder, cows can only draw feed from between two adjuster plates when their tongue is wet with saliva. As the cow’s tongue presses between an adjustable groove on the feeder, only the feed or grain that sticks to the tongue is drawn out and consumed. As the calf eats and becomes satiated, saliva on the tongue is reduced and feed no longer sticks to the tongue. Once the cow is no longer able to obtain feed or grain by licking, they leave the feeder. This saliva lick system reduces wasted feed by preventing gorging or overfeeding and ensures that your entire herd has access to feed supplement when they need it.

Universal Feeders are highly adjustable and customizable, and the saliva lick system can be converted to a standard any-time feeding system adding our Ad-Lib Accessory. Additionally our creep panels turn your feeder into a highly effective creep feeder for smaller animals only.

A Saliva Lick Feeder Benefits Your Cattle and Your Farm

Innovative Universal Feeders are designed to work with your herd no matter your needs. They’re built tough to withstand years of cattle abuse, and they can be modified as your herd changes or grows.

Lick feeding has been shown in research to improve herd health. With a saliva lick feeder, your calf and cattle can only eat as much food as they need at any given time. By employing the animals’ natural saliva and satiating processes, the animal stops feeding when it runs out of saliva and heads back to pasture grazing.

Our saliva lick feeders can be deployed as creep feeders, restricting feeder use to only calves. By supplementing protein-rich feed for suckling calves, or even during drought or with poor pasture, rumen development can be accelerated, leading to earlier pasture use and efficient digestion. Calves grow faster and stronger earlier in life, leading to greater output in the long-run.

By moving from a twice or thrice-daily routine feeding process to 24/7 feed availability through a lick feeder, you save time, money, and manpower while reducing feed waste. The feeders are easy to load with bulk supper sacks or hand-loading 50lb bags at ground level.

Avoiding overeating and unnecessary feed or grain consumption, farms that use lick feeders go through less feed while still maintaining quality herd health. Your cattle also grow larger and more quickly through proper nutrition and rumen development, meaning greater revenue opportunities for fully grown animals.

Feeder Options for Calf and Cattle


The Original Feeder

The Universal Feeders’ Original Feeder lets you control your livestock’s daily intake of grain or pellets. This Australian feeder can be used as a saliva lick feeder for precise nutritional needs or as an ad-lib feeder allowing cattle to feed at any time.

See below for sizes.


The Ultimate Feeder

The Ultimate Feeder is fast and easy to adjust without tools, allows for lower and more accurate feed rates (for smaller animals like calves), and reduces possible corrosion points compared to competing feeders. This new patent-pending design has removed the bottom adjuster completely, creating a fixed plate that is sealed at the top to prevent moisture and dirt from being able to penetrate. As with any expense on a farm, the lifespan determines the true cost. The longer we can make our feeders last the better, and when it comes to cattle feeders, it doesn’t get much better than this.

See below for sizes.


Feeder Accessories

Accessories to make your cattle or calf feeder setup even better.

Feeder Restrictor Guard

The Restrictor Guard can be used to achieve lower feeding rates by restricting grain width without affecting the flow of feed. In some instances, it also stops some animals from bridging the grain over the lick area. The Restrictor Guards for the Ultimate Feeder have a swing-away design to make cleaning the feed area easier.

Ad-Lib Feeder Attachment

The Ad-Lib attachment allows feed to flow freely into the trough and is ideal for feedlots. It is designed to increase the trough height to minimize feed waste. The Ad-Lib Attachment has two height options to make it low enough for calves.

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